The Time Teen


It has officially been a week since I moved to Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles was such a beautiful city. Since I had no work to do today and it was the last day of summer before school started, I decided to go to Starbucks and get some breakfast and try not to stress about going to a new school tomorrow.

Once I got inside, I saw only one table that was empty. That’s when I saw that somebody forgot their phone. I got my drink and waited for 10 minutes to see if they would come back and get it, but they didn’t. So, I grabbed the phone and turned it on. Maybe they were logged into Facebook or something and I could get their name and maybe get the phone back to them. They weren’t logged into anything! I checked their pictures and videos. They didn’t have any! The phone had nothing on it! It was like it was completely new! I groaned in frustration. Then, I decided to take a closer look. It was an IPhone 81! “No way! This is IMPOSSIBLE!”, I gasped. Everybody in Starbucks turned around to look at me. “I mean…this Pink Drink! It’s so delicious, it’s impossible!”. I laughed nervously. The baristas looked pleased. I continued to look at the phone. I swiped through the home screen and found some weird apps. I clicked on “Mood Music”. The phone immediately started to play tense and interesting music. Then, I understood it. MOOD Music. It plays music that matches your mood! That’s SOOO cool! I clicked on more of the apps until I got to the last one. It looked like just a normal time and date app.

That’s when I got a GENIUS idea. I set the date to 2053. I left everything else the way it was. Then, I clicked the save button. Still looking at my new phone, I grabbed my drink and jumped off of my chair. THUD! I looked up and noticed that the table and the chairs were floating. “Oh my gosh! Why is the furniture in the air?”, I panicked. “Why wouldn’t it be?”.  A girl walked over to me. “The furniture is supposed to be on the FLOOR.”. I stood up and dusted myself off. “Really? You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s like you’ve never seen air furniture before.”, the girl scoffed. “I haven’t!”, I said. “What happened to floor furniture?”. The girl gave me a weird look. “Floor furniture was so 15 years ago.”. “What year is this?”, I asked. “2053. He-llo!”, the girl replied. “You must’ve bumped your head really hard. Be less clumsy, okay?”. “Yeah.”, I said calmly. But inside, I was totally freaking out. DID I JUST TIME TRAVEL? “I’m Cassie.”. “Regina.”, the girl said. “Regina Harper.”. Then, just like that, she turned around and left.

I tried to set my phone back to 2019, but it was freezing up and sent me to the next day at 7:30 AM. I was still at Starbucks. Then, I noticed that 2 other kids my age were there. They noticed me and introduced themselves. Their names were Jordan and Cameron. We talked for a while and then, they left. They said that they went to the school that I was supposed to be at. I decided to try to time-travel back to 2019 again. This time, it didn’t do anything.

I wasn’t sure how long I would be stuck here and I needed to find a place to stay. I decided to hide in the school. It had everything I needed: bathroom, cafeteria, and the library to sleep in. During the hours, I’d just blend in and act like a student. A month passed. I kind of got used to living in 2053. I kept trying to time-travel, but it never worked. I hung out with Cameron and Jordan anddd I found out that I kind of had a crush on Jordan. 2053 was actually okay…until I couldn’t keep it in anymore. I had to tell them at some point, so I did.“You guys are probably not going to believe me, but I’m…”. Cameron and Jordan came closer to me. “I’M A TIME-TRAVELER, OKAY!?”, I said. “I FOUND THIS MAGIC PHONE AND WAS GOOFING AROUND WITH THE DATE AND TIME APP AND IT TOOK ME TO 2053!”. There was an awkward silence. I pulled out my phone and showed it to them. “Here. I have proof.”, I said. “This is an IPhone 81!”. “There’s no such thing.”, Cameron argued. “You probably think I’m some kind of weirdo.”, I muttered. “No way!”, Jordan exclaimed. “Cassie, you’re my friend! Why would I think that?”. I blushed a little. Then, before I could shut my phone off, a notification popped up from the time and date app.

It said that…

-Regina is actually a girl that has powers to look like ANYBODY and ANYTHING and she’s after my phone. If she gets it, she could mess up time and I could be stuck in 2053 forever.

-I need to get back to 2019 and destroy my magic phone or Regina will get the power to time travel and take over time, but if I do that, I would never see Cameron and Jordan again.

I was SOOO afraid that I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FIX ALL OF THIS?

I went over to Cameron and told her everything. Then, I tried to go back to 2019 again. It didn’t work. The phone just froze up again like there was a virus on it. I kept trying to mess with it until Regina walked up to me. “Cassie, I lost my phone. Can I see yours?”, she asked. “Why?”. I glared at her, but she shrugged. “I just wanted to check the time.”. I looked at the wall. There was a clock right there. “Why don’t you just look on the wall?”, I asked. Regina was quiet for a second. “Give me the phone, Cassie.”, she said calmly. I shook my head. “GIVE ME THE PHONE, CASSIE!”, she repeated. I stood still for a second and then, took off running, Regina followed me. After a minute, I finally lost her. “What’s going on?”, Cameron asked. “I’ll explain later.”, I said quickly. Then, I got ready to run again. “Wait.”, Cameron said. “Is it the phone that she wants?”. “Yeah.”, I replied. “Give it to me and I’ll hide it from her.”, Cameron suggested. I can’t believe that I almost gave Cameron the phone because it WASN’T Cameron. It was Regina!

 I started to run again until I got to the bathroom and locked myself in a stall. I put the phone in my pocket and bent down to tie my shoe when it accidentally fell out and the case fell off.  A watch fell out of the phone. I picked it up and put it on. Then, Regina burst through the door and began to run toward me. I just wished she could freeze like my phone did. And just as I thought that, to my surprise, Regina DID freeze. I slowly walked up to her and waved my hand in front of her face. She didn’t even blink. I laughed. Regina was frozen, but I still wasn’t sure what to do next. That’s when I thought of it. If I time-traveled with my phone (It could’ve been the watch instead.), then Regina must have some kind of thing that gives her powers too! Regina was always wearing hoop earrings, so I looked at them and carefully touched them. They automatically closed up and fell on the ground. Electric earrings! These HAD to be it! Just to make sure that these were what was giving her the power to turn into other people, I put them on and thought to be Regina. All of the sudden, I felt myself change, so I looked in the mirror. I gasped. I leaned closer and touched my face. Whoa! It actually worked! I took the earrings out of my ears and snapped them in half. Then, I ran to the entrance of the school and threw them as far as I could.

Now, it was time to go home. I didn’t want to lose my powers because I’d also lose Cameron and Jordan, but it was the only way, so I went to look for them. Once I did, I explained everything,  hugged them, said my goodbyes, and started to walk away, but Jordan stopped me. “Wait!”, he shouted. I turned around. “What?”. Jordan ran up to me and grabbed my hands. I was totally confused. “I like you, Cassie…and even though we’ll be 24 years apart, I still wanted to let you know.”. Weeelll, that was sudden. I just stared at him. I didn’t know what to say! “I…I like you too!”, I exclaimed. “And I’ll never forget you.”. I looked back at Cameron. “Both of you.”.

Then, I hugged them again, walked away, and got ready to destroy my phone when I thought of it. I could go back any time I wanted to see Cameron and Jordan, I could just time-travel back to 2053 again! I went back to them and told them everything. I also decided to stay a little longer. Now, I had a best friend, a boyfriend, and a super awesome time-traveling power! The next time I time-travel, I’m going to where Christopher Columbus found America!


Thank you to my mom, who listened to me read over the story, told me her opinions, and helped me edit.

Thank you to my dad, who supported my passion of writing.

Word count: 1, 577 words